Max (spevack) wrote,

fedora finance sig update

We held an initial meeting for the Finance Special Interest Group two weeks ago.

I'd like to update the community on what has been happening since then.

* I've got the paperwork for the initial set of three credit cards that we're going to hand to community members in different regions of the world, as a means of simplifying the ability for Fedora's regional support budget to be spent without me or someone on my team being a bottleneck. I'm going to fill that paperwork out as much as I can, and then send it off for final signatures. This is going to lead to a full rewrite of the reimbursements guidelines.

* Quite a large number of regional support tickets (FAmSCo) have been closed. As of today there is only one open ticket that is listed in a "ready for payment" state, and that is being worked on.

* We're getting close to a time during which we're going to have a lot of expenses begin to show up related to the upcoming FUDCon Panama, since travel sponsorships are being approved by the organizing committee, and we'll need to start purchasing plane tickets. I plan to attend the next FUDCon planning meeting so that I can help make sure that the process for getting travel purchased is clear, and that we can start booking tickets for people. I also want to make sure that we have a plan for payment of the expenses that will be incurred on-site, and things like tshirts, social event, etc.

* The budget has been updated based on all of the information that has currently moved through both Fedora's system and Red Hat's finance department. There's going to be quite a bit of post-SXSW budget wrapup that needs to happen, and I have a few other expenses that I need to file as well, including quite a few hotel rooms from FUDCon Tempe that I still need to call the hotel and get.

People have asked me when the next meeting of the Finance SIG will be. My answer right now is "as soon as we have enough of an agenda to make it worth having one". So, what should that agenda be?
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