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fudcon tempe 2011, day 2

The morning started with the Ambassadors and Fedora Finance session, which was led by Joerg, but included Ambassadors from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, and a few other countries. For me, there were several important takeaways:

* FAMSCO must continue to push accountability and decision making as far to the edges as possible. I suggested that each region pick an amount of money -- I suggested $500 USD in NA and asked people to use their judgement in other parts of the world -- for which no Fedora contributor needs to ask permission before spending that money on behalf of Fedora. The only way a global community like Fedora can continue to grow successfully is if we build a culture of trust and action, and continue to ensure we have solid processes that allow people to get reimbursed.

* I've spent a lot of time the past year worrying about the bureaucracy and bottlenecks in Fedora's finance system, and even though I feel like we have a lot of improvement, I had a few conversations this weekend that helped me to realize that we do a lot of things well, and that while we should strive to improve, the currents tate of things is by no means doom and gloom. This was a bit encouraging.

* I reaffirmed my commitment to following up on the idea of getting some regional credit cards in place, with Joerg, John, and Neville volunteering to be the first people to help bring this idea into their regions. The goal here is not for these people to become bottlenecks either, but rather for all contributors in the regions (Ambassadors working on events or anyone working on a FAD or a FUDCon) to know that they have a local contact who has the ability to help get money spent on behalf of the Fedora project. I have given myself a March 1 deadline for this.

Following this session, I did a few other things before making my way back to the airport and back to Raleigh:

* An interview with Amber from Linux New Media regarding Red Hat's Community Architecture team and our focal points of Fedora, education, and providing value to Red Hat's business beyond simply the Linux platform.

* Served once more as Colby's "producer", helping to get a video made with Mike and Jeff, as well as helping to prep David and Chris for their video.

* Made my third trip to In-n-Out en route to the airport.
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