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fudcon tempe 2011, day 1 [Feb. 3rd, 2011|04:05 am]
[Location |brussels, belgium]

It was a pleasure to start off FUDCon by having a chance to give the welcome/intro-to-BarCamp speech, and I generally helped out with logistics in the morning, and making sure we were all set for lunch and for tshirt distribution.

I met a bunch of Fedora contibutors for the first time this FUDCon, and it was great to put faces to names and shake some new hands. The person with whom I'd collaborated the most virtually without having ever previously met was Maria, and it was especially nice to finally meet her face to face. I was too shy to ask her to speak to me entirely in Spanish, though. Hopefully next time!

The FUDVan was used frequently on both Saturday and Sunday for the transport of beverages and the acquisition of tremendous amounts of ice. My expense reports will look interesting, as always.

I attended the Fedora Board's goals and strategy session -- which my talk about reducing bureaucracy in Fedora was merged with -- and while I didn't get to talk too much about specific ideas, I did throw out one idea related to the release engineering team, which could also be generalized to apply to other groups within Fedora.

Every time we do a task, each team should strive to appoint a different person as the owner of that task for the particular release or milestone, with novices shadowing before they take accountability, and experts providing both mentoring and backup as novices gain experience. My example (because it was the first to come to mind) was having a different person be the primary doer of the Alpha, Beta, and Gold releases of each version of Fedora. This sort of thing improves both collaboration and documentation, which were two of the Board's high level goals.

I helped Colby out as the "producer" for his video of Jeroen and Christoph, as they talked about the value of FUDCon, as well as how being deeply embedded in both the Fedora and RHEL ecosystems are useful to their dayjobs at Kolab Systems.

FUDPub was a great success. There's a video out there somewhere of me demonstrating some excellent bowling skills, and a second video of me demonstrating some truly abysmal Dance Dance Revolution skills.

It's impossible to give enough thanks to the FUDCon organization team, which really outdid itself. Robyn ran point on the whole operation, Paul was indispensible, Ryan helped out on the ground, Spot helped out with the money end of things by providing a second credit card, and Ian did a truly superb job with the welcome booklets.

[User Picture]From: tatadbb
2011-02-03 08:04 pm (UTC)

lol @ spanish

I really don't need to say what this experience meant to me, neither how did I feel. I really hope that we can meet once more with a little more time and be able to share our experiences.
Was a blessing, Thank you Mr. American Dollar :)
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