Max (spevack) wrote,

fudcon tempe 2011, day 0

I reported for duty on Friday morning as Robyn's last-minute-FUDCon-organization minion, and spent the day doing various things in support of the mission:

* Getting a bunch of hotel rooms at the primary and secondary venue on my credit card, in accordance with our FUDCon sponsorships.

* Scoped out the BarCamp venue, plotted how to avoid the congestion pitfalls of FUDCon Toronto's BarCamp, and made sure I knew how to get to the building where the sessions would be held.

* Went to Wal-Mart with Harish, where he and I purchased a total of 984 cans of soda and 200 bottles of water, which would be used by FUDCon attendees over the next 72 hours. The FUDVan officially became a low-rider following this purchase.

* Made my second trip to In-n-Out.

Friday night was the 1-year anniversary party and FUDCon mixer/mini-game night. We had some pizza, I passed out a bunch of Fedora swag including all of my leftover CDs and DVDs dating back to Fedora Core 5, and played a very humorous game called Red Dragon Inn.
Tags: redhat

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