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fudcon tempe 2011, days -3, -2, and -1

I arrived in Phoenix on Tuesday afternoon, and picked up my blue (but not Fedora blue) minivan, which I referred to as the FUDVan but which everyone else insisted upon calling the Spevan.

It was really easy to get from the airport to downtown Tempe and to the primary FUDCon hotel. The proximity to Red Hat's Phoenix datacenter made the network connectivity over VPN faster than when I'm sitting in the Red Hat office in Raleigh, and I briefly contemplated remaining in Phoenix for the duration of my Red Hat career.

We drove over to the secondary hotel where we picked up Harish, and then a small group of us walked to a nearby restaurant for an early dinner, followed by final preparations for our two day team meetings and an early night.

It only happens about twice per year that all of the members of the Community Architecture team are able to gather face to face, and we used Wednesday and Thursday to hold our 2011 and Red Hat FY12 initial planning meetings.

External to Red Hat, our team is heavily involved with two communities of practice -- the Fedora Project and the Teaching Open Source community. I'm eager to share the details of our meetings with both of these communities, but that will have to wait until some future blog posts, because I still need to do the work of properly summarzing and recapping the two days of meetings.

Some color, though:

* We met at a collaboration space called Gangplank, which was similar to NextSpace that we met at in Santa Cruz last summer. Sadly, we missed out on the brownbag lunch debate about the GPL, which probably would have been really fun to attend and participate in.

* Our first day's team lunch was a trip to In-n-Out, which was decided in a vote by acclamation.

* Wednesday's dinner was at a Thai restauarant with several other Red Hatters and Fedora contributors. The talk at my end of the table purposefully focused around various cloud-related topics that are ongoing in Red Hat and within the Fedora Project, because it looks increasingly certain that one of Community Architecture's major goals this year will be to assist with Red Hat and Fedora's cloud activities at a greater depth.

* On Thursday evening, a number of us (Red Hatters and Fedora contributors) had dinner at a decent-enough Mexican restaurant, and then Harish, Robyn, Jeroen, and I went to a dueling piano bar. The band there consisted of 4 guys who were all excellent on piano, drums, and guitar. I know some of the other FUDConners made their way to this same bar over the course of the weekend, on our recommendation.
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