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fedora 14 [Nov. 2nd, 2010|11:01 pm]
[Location |garner, nc]

My congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make Fedora 14 a reality. Development, packaging, translations, worldwide evangelism, documentation, infrastructure, feature and schedule management, testing, artwork and design, and whomever I'm forgetting.

It's been a release cycle filled with change, passionate debate, FUDCons in Chile and Switzerland, a new Fedora website, and more. There's always a lot happening in Fedora, but these past few months have seemed particularly hectic from my little-bit-of-an-outsider point of view. As such, the community deserves an extra pat on the back for getting another quality release out the door, and doing so as early in November as we've seen in the "modern" era of Fedora.

I'd like to highlight in particular the work of the Fedora Marketing team and the Fedora Cloud SIG. The Marketing team has really matured in the past two release cycles, and the Cloud SIG has grown from nothing into having achieved its initial goal of up-to-date Fedora images available for Amazon EC2.

Congrats and thanks to the entire Fedora community.

From: (Anonymous)
2010-11-03 12:57 pm (UTC)

Great release!

Great release! I already tested the live-usb and will start the installation this weekend. One think I missed: At the GNOME2.32 release note I read that Evince is now able to create annotations. It seems like this feature is not available in the Fedora version of Evince.
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