Max (spevack) wrote,

fudcon zurich arrives

As folks from all over the world head to FUDCon Zurich 2010, I have a few things that I'd like to say:

First and foremost, the entire Fedora community should give a tremendous round of applause to Sandro and Marcus, for whom FUDCon Zurich has been a true labor of love. For over a year, they have wanted to make FUDCon happen in Zurich, and though I haven't shown it enough, I hope they know how grateful I am for all of their work. I hope all the attendees will give them a hearty handshake and make sure they don't buy themselves a beverage all weekend.

Secondly, I think it's great to see about 100 folks signed up for the event, as well as a bunch of great sessions already scheduled, which includes Fedora contributors from multiple continents, multiple companies, and a really diverse group. It's been great to watch FUDCons grow in the EMEA region, especially in the last three years, as we went from Brno (thanks to Radek Vokal) to Berlin (thanks to Gerold Kassube) to Zurich.

Finally, I think it's great for Fedora overall that Jared has made it to two FUDCons in his first 3 months as FPL.

I hope everyone has a great weekend at FUDCon, and my best wishes to all my friends in EMEA whom I haven't seen for over a year now.
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