Max (spevack) wrote,

hitting the road

Ian and I hit the road tomorrow, where we will meet up with Karsten and Mel for a few days of team meetings. This will be the first time since last October that all of us are in the same place, and it will give us a chance to see where we stand on our goals, and to ensure that we've got our priorities aligned, and a good plan for the future of the team.

We'll also be attending the Community Leadership Summit and OSCON, along with a number of Fedora community members. Mel and Karsten are both presenting at OSCON -- you can see their abstracts here and here.

Everyone on the team will be blogging about what we're up to this entire week, and sharing that on various blogrolls (Planet Fedora and Planet TOS), and we hope to also generate at least one or two articles for
Tags: redhat
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