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I feel like an old man today, since I'm now the ex-ex-Fedora-Project-Leader.

This post is about the conincidence that Jared's start date at Red Hat and FUDCon Santiago are so close together, that pretty much Jared's first act as FPL will be to get on a plane and attend that event.

I think back a few years to when I got started as the FPL. Some of the relationships that I formed very early on in my days on the job were with folks like Gerold and Joerg and Chitlesh in Europe, and because of that, I always had a bit of a soft spot in my heart for the EMEA community, because there were personal relationships and friendships there that I wanted to maintain. It helped me to realize that on the list of FPL priorities, attention to the global community needed to be high up on it, and we put some things in place to help build community leadership not just in Europe, but in a way that could be replicated worldwide.

If my early experiences led to me always giving a bit of extra attention to contributors in Europe (which culminated with an opportunity to live over there for a while, and has sadly dropped off since I've moved back to Raleigh), I'm hoping that Jared's early experiences with folks in the LATAM community will pay dividends in that part of the Fedora Project over the next few years.

In short, I'm glad to see our new FPL jumping in head first and heading to a part of the world that the last FPLs have not been able to get to, and I think we will see some great results.
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