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southeast linux fest 2010

This was my first trip to Southeast Linux Fest, and I continue to be really impressed by most of the regional Linux Fests that I have attended. SELF was excellent, as was Texas Linux Fest earlier this year and Ohio Linux Fest a couple of years ago. SELF's entire organizational team, which includes Fedora Ambassador David Nalley, deserves a ton of credit and a round of applause.

Fedora had a very nice presence at SELF this year, with something happening on each of the event's 3 days.


Ian and I drove down from Raleigh, arriving early afternoon. We used the car ride, and the fact that we shared a hotel room (protecting shareholder value for Daddy Shadowman) to discuss some of the work that Ian is doing as an intern this summer.

We arrived with plenty of time to join the Fedora hackfest. Ian and Eric led the hackfest, which focused on the Fedora Documentation Project and the Fedora wiki. There was a decent amount of work going on about improving the process of joining Fedora Documentation, some of which is already completed on our wiki.

I eventually ducked out of the hackfest, and had two long conversations -- one with Michael DeHaan and one with Paul Frields.

My last activity of the evening was to practice a few bits of my keynote speech.


A very busy second day at SELF. Paul gave a talk about Fedora 13 and our four foundations. Ian gave a talk about the statistics work that he's doing in the Fedora Project, and Dan Walsh spoke about SELinux.

I practiced my keynote a bit more, and had a late lunch while watching the end of the USA vs. England World Cup match.

My keynote itself went well. There was a very large audience left at the event, even for a 5:00 PM keynote. My estimate would be somewhere around 300 or more. I'm a tough grader, and I give myself a B+ or an A-. A bunch of people who bumped into me at the social event Saturday night said they enjoyed the talk, and folks told me that there was some nice feedback on Twitter. It was an honor to be asked to deliver the keynote, and when video of it shows up, I'll link to it.

The Saturday night social event was a lot of fun, and gave me a chance to hang out with other Fedorans, including Robyn and Steve.

Special shout out to Ben Williams, who won both a fancy Android phone and a Pogo Linux server in the closing raffle. I also want to say a special thank you to Jim Brady, who gave me a bag of coffee beans that he roasts personally. The bag had a sticker on it that said "sudo make coffee".


I spent several hours on Sunday at the Fedora Activity Day, which was a combination of Q&A, presentations, exercise in bug triage and bug filing, and general information session for folks who want to know more about Fedora.

I've got a lot of things to catch up on as this week progresses, but Southeast Linux Fest was a good event, and definitely a worthwhile trip.
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