Max (spevack) wrote,

4 fedora contributors and 40 pounds of pork

I made the trip from Raleigh to Ames, Iowa today for our Fedora Activity Day (which is really a weekend) related to North American Ambassador stuff for the rest of 2010.

Nothing really remarkable to write about regarding the trip itself, but it was really nice to get re-connected face to face with a few contributors -- John Rose, Dennis Gilmore, and Larry Cafiero.

John was kind enough to pick me up at the airport, and on the ride to his house we talked a bit about the current Fedora elections, and some of the Fedora Project's "current events", by which I mean a lot of the long discussion threads that have been on the advisory-board list (What is Fedora's current vision? What should that vision be? Does Fedora have a target audience? Does it need one?), as well as sharing some thoughts around how the perspectives and potential answers to these questions vary greatly, and those answers aren't even consistent based on larger organizations. Different Red Hatters have strong opinions about this. Different parts of Red Hat as a collective would give different answers. Folks who work for other companies but whose job is to work on Fedora all have different answers, as well as the individual volunteers. Some of those answers may be similar, but the simple fact is that there are far too many constituencies, and trying to argue it all out on mailing lists is doomed to failure.

Dennis and I had a similar conversation (though slightly more technical in nature) in John's kitchen, while Dennis applied a dry rub to FORTY POUNDS of pork that will cook all day on Friday for consumption on Saturday. Fortunately, a few more Fedora contributors will have shown up by then, which means I'll probably only be personally accountable for the consumption of 3-4 pounds of pork on my own.
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