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fedora project leader transitions again

I want to echo what Paul wrote about the manner in which the person who fills the role of Fedora Project Leader changes, and the importance not only of having that role transition from time to time in an open and transparent manner, but also of doing everything we can to make sure that former Fedora Project Leaders remain part of the Fedora community.

In the case of Greg and myself, that is through our roles on Red Hat's Community Architecture team. In the case of Paul, I have a hunch that we'll continue to see him around Fedora and as a Red Hatter, hopefully for years to come.

When I led the process that resulted in Paul becoming the Fedora Project Leader, it was with mixed emotions. Ultimately I knew that it was the right thing to do because it was time for some new energy and vision to take charge, and the best thing that I could do for Fedora was to recognize that and find the best leader possible. Fedora does not have, and never should have, a "benevolent dictator for life". Reading Paul's post and talking to Paul over the last few weeks has reminded me how much I enjoyed being the FPL, and what an honor it was to have the opportunity to earn the respect and trust of the Fedora community in that role.

Fedora has continued to excel in the 2+ years since I handed the FPL role over to Paul, and I couldn't be more proud not only of his leadership, but of the continued growth and success of the Fedora Project, its distribution, and its community. There have been some very large challenges and difficulties for Fedora over the past 5 releases, and Paul's steady hand helped get us through those trials in one piece.

I hope that whoever fills the FPL role next never hesitates to pick the brain of those who came before, because we are a community of friends, and we are all here to help each other be as successful as possible.

Paul, congratulations to you on your tenure as Fedora Project Leader. You are a wonderful friend, co-worker, colleague, and leader.
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