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fedora summit, day 2

I can't sleep.

That's not surprising -- I have a *terrible* time sleeping at night, which really sucks because I'm one of those people who needs like 8-9 hours to function well the next day.

But 2 things that have been said over the last week keep resonating in my head, and strike me as one of the more important things that I can try to focus on.

Thing 1 that was said -- by Thorsten most recently -- is that there are too many fedora email lists. He's right. Warren has said this before, others have too. Nothing (except continuing to create more lists) has been done to fix this.

Thing 2 was a discussion about different Fedora Projects -- which are doing well, which are suffering. But the discussion is more than that to me.

What we need to all get ourselves into the mindset is looking at Fedora with the primary unit of action being a PERSON and not a PROJECT on which a person works.

We can modify, kill of, and spawn new projects WITHOUT those actions being seen as a vote of no confidence in any of the PEOPLE who were involved in those projects. It's basically an organizational failing -- the equivalent of the Fedora Board saying "look -- The Fedora Foo project isn't working quite the way any of us hoped. You couple of people have done great work, but it's just not in the right direction anymore. Wouldn't it be better to go over here and spend your efforts on this piece of Fedora, which is more smoothly functioning?"

Basically I think we've got a lot of bureaucracy in Fedora. We laugh about it by joking about funny committee names (and man, there were some funny ones suggested), but in the end I just want to blow them all up and start from scratch.

The simplest way of having governance, and communication. And we make that happen. Quickly, and also brutally. But it's something we're all on board for to make the future better, not something that individuals should take personally.

The ravings of an overtired man? Something that's worthwhile? Do you want to help me?

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